Green Building Institute E-learning Portal

The Green Building Institute offers on-line training in sustainability for property professionals, trades people, builders, and designers.

We use state-of-the-art educational design and e-learning to educate efficiently and engagingly, and represent the next generation of green building educators. Using multi-media, animation and visual presentations, we are bringing Australia's leading experts in sustainable design and construction into your office, workplace or home.

Watch and learn about sustainable products, materials, installation and design through engaging lessons and seminars that show-case the latest ideas and techniques in sustainable construction.

Now you can attend seminars from leading experts in sustainable construction no matter where you live. Interactive lessons encourage you to participate, leading to better learning outcomes.

Train your staff or employees in sustainable building using our short courses.

Courses and Seminars available or under development include:

  • Home Sustainability Assessment
  • Course in Sustainable Real Estate
  • ​Solar Passive Design Seminar
  • Specifying Sustainable Paints and Coatings
  • Sustainable Interior Design
  • Green Tradies Course
  • Natural Ventilation and Cooling Design
  • Building with Natural Materials
  • Green Star Awareness Course

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